Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Poem

Some days you get these happy finds. Yesterday, trawling around in my computer looking for something completely different, I came across a handful of poems I'd forgotten I'd even written. They were meant for a verse novel for young adults I had abandoned in favour of a completely different project. Now that I've found them - who knows?


Down the Calder and it's all the same
yellow drought fields
Maccas like a circus tent
and all the doll's houses
for the little people
who slam the front doors
at 7.05 and again at 6.45,
home in time for the news.
Then over the Bolte Bridge -
blue shimmer of the bay
a holiday postcard
but I keep going
through the tunnel
out again
more yellow,
no Salvation Jane
cows, a bit of green
and a cloud.
Not icecream scoop pretty
no ballooning deb dress
or dragons hidden it -
just thick cloud
and no rain on the horizon.
No rain at all.

Have a look at the Tuesday Poem blog where a poem by David Gregory also evokes landscape but couples this with an undercurrent of loss. Helen Lowe is this week's Tuesday Poem blog guest editor.


Helen Lowe said...

"No rain at all" -- very apposite to both NZ and Australia right now!

Cattyrox said...

Ha! No longer - lovely rain here last night....