Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Found Poem

Early morning rain
the down-pipe chiming
out-of-time with birds
valiantly calling through mist.
The old dog's breathing meditation.
The kettle boiling and winter
creeping under the doors.

Check out the Tuesday Poem blog for the curated poem of the week. This week it's a poem from Naomi Guttman's novella in verse, The Banquet of Donny and Ari; scenes from an opera.  'Chernobyl Wedding, 1986' is a pantoum and the subtle word-shifts and repetition create a poem whose form which beautifully matches the rituals of the subject matter while still able to insert a chilling element of menace. Thanks to Eileen Moeller for posting this poem.


Helen McKinlay said...

Love the found poem, it was exactly like that here this morning except for the old dog's meditation.

andy said...

beautiful poem i consider a magnific write kisses

Helen Lowe said...

I love the atmosphere you "find" & capture in a few short lines.