Monday, January 09, 2006


Came to Trentham to get a real move on with the guinea pig book which I have been doing, in between reading The Heart Garden and Impro, taking the dogs for walks through the Wombat State forest, feeding my mother's visiting rosellas and feeding my own visitors.

We all head off for the annual camping trip on Friday - this time to Lake Jindabyne, a place I only know because the movie Somersault was set there.

In the meantime I'm battling a cold or maybe a mixture of hayfever and asthma, who can tell? And wondering how (why?) we'll pack up four kids, two adults and all the necessary camping equipment and personal sundries - including my books and knitting - oh the agonising choices to be made - to drive for nine hours up to the mountains.

The guinea pigs call me.

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Bronwyn G said...

Best wishes with the Trentham holiday. I know it is a pretty area, near Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. It ought to inspire you, Keith, Helen and Alistair. (And Belinda and the other child/teenager I don't know).

Belinda will be pleased that you will work so hard on the guinea pig book. Let's hope lots gets done. And let's hope you are getting well, Catherine.

I wanted to see Somersault badly because of the lumiousness of the main actor, but Mum said it was better not because it's a young woman exploited. That is really sad. A tragedy.

Hope your Mum's rosellas are really good and that they have their mating feathers on. "Birds of a feather ..."

Can't wait for the next Word Tree, when we return to Box Hill. Or I return to Box Hill. I will try to read aloud there. In December I was shy. What will you be doing as far as teaching in 2006? I hope the GippsTAFE students have some good novels to write and work on. And that Tony McMahon's launch is a blast. Inner-city bliss! I think you would enjoy The Single Gentleman's Club and so would Keith aand Alistair. How is the verse novel coming along? Any other exciting projects that we should know about?