Friday, October 06, 2006

Head Colds Rule - whatcha gonna do about it?

Trapped in my very own little mucous bubble! Aren't I the lucky one? What have I been doing - sleeping. Every so often I rouse myself and take the dogs for a short walk somewhere. Across the road to sniff at the next door neighbour's letterbox. I've finished a Peter Temple mystery - I so highly recommend Peter Temple's work. Brilliant. I sniff at the children when they come home from school and at the Accountant when he comes from accounting. I sniff at the phone when it rings - which is seldom. Basically I've been sick and very, very boring. I cancelled everything I could, include teaching on Thursday which I probably couldn't cancel but had to anyway. I simply couldn't have driven there, taught for six hours, and driven an hour and a half home again. Not even on strong Cold and Flu drugs could I have managed that.

Of course, a cold is bound to happen the very week all your good, life-is-calm-now-we-can-do-some-real-work-resolutions are supposed to start. That'll learn me. Well it probably won't, but it should. There's always next week, right?


M-H said...

Sorry to read this Catherine. Don't forget to convalesce properly.

Gregory Brett Hardy said...

I don't know about next weeks. They're all so vague and full of maybes.

Get well soon. I have a book review to give in YA that just can't wait.