Thursday, October 19, 2006

Listening: to Charles Bukowski reading poetry in his flat, laconic voice, with it's down lilting intonation - if you can even use the word lilting in his context. I can remember the excitement I felt when I first discovered Bukowski - that poetry could be that! Flattened out chronicles, diary entries almost, reflections on the miserably ordinary made extraordinary by his attention and the art of that attention. It's particular focus making the poem. Flashing the poem with the sudden, unexpected lightning of image or language or insight interrupting the drawl.

Reading: Bollywood Beauty by Shalini Akhil. She was at the Melbourne Writer's Festival last year, or the year before? I think she wrote this novel after/during a writing course - but I'm not sure where the course was. Lush cover - all Bollywood. I admit, I'm a little bored with the book - I think it's meant for a younger audience.

Knitting: something - haven't made up my mind yet, in this beautiful colourway from The Knittery. I don't know what is yet because I don't know how much yarn I have.

Enjoying: the local library! Helen and Belinda and I go there regularly - I currently have over twenty items on loan. Possibly closer to thirty, but that includes Belinda's bounty. Helen's borrowing her own now that she's paid off her overdue loan. I get a frisson of excitement every time I enter the library and always have, even as a little girl when my father and went to Brisbane City Municipal Library every Friday night, which was late night opening (until 6.00pm shock horror! and how my mother hated it!) for the bookshop. We'd walk past the pest place which had big bottles with dead snakes coiled up in the bottoms and on to the library stairs. At the top, Daddy would go one way and I'd go into the children's room.

Writing: short stories for The Stray Dog Cafe and other stories.

Missing: rain


Carmsmars said...

Someone else said bollywood was boring. Can't remember who it was. I just read your junior fic: 'being bee' It is a gorgeous book. I really loved it...such colourful characters, the only plain one was the father. I liked the reference to knitting...very you. I even picked up on pieces that you showed us in class. I think the pin in the sole of the foot came over was a part you pondered over, as well as the box in the wardrobe. I was curious to know why Jazzi wanted to hide Harley from Nick. And I think that proves it was a good story because I became so involved in the way the characters ticked.

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