Monday, April 02, 2007


So far we have: had spas and saunas, played tennis, walked on Black Hill - very dry and no wildlife. I used to always see echidnas on Black Hill - where have they gone? - visited Daylesford market where we bought mainly food, although I also bought a bead to dangle from my new knitted beret, been visited by The Editor and her daughter, been visited by The Accountant, visited my mother (twice) and eaten beautiful sour dough bread from The Red Beard bakery in Trentham. Today we're also at Trentham where The Accountant has donned his painting robes and is painting window sills, the children are learning something about archives, I imagine from the snatches of conversation I can hear and we are all about to have lunch. I've done Online Tafe work and feel dutiful. This afternoon I intend to beat The Accountant at tennis. Although this might not happen. If I don't beat him, I shall blame my tennis elbow. True. I have tennis AND golfer's elbow - how horrible is that! However, I am doing exercises and they have helped enormously. It is also in my left arm, so it doesn't actually effect my tennis game all that much. (But don't tell that to the Accountant!)Then I shall read some french feminist theory. I love holidays!


M-H said...

Still waiting for the photos..

Anonymous said...

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