Sunday, May 27, 2007

from the airport

Don't you love technology - I'm writing this from the airport. I love getting to airports early enough to browse around the bookshop, buy a coffee and use the netkiosks! Today, I'm flying to the Sunshine Coast, for the Voices on the Coast festival. Two days of hectic presenting and then flying back home on Tuesday. Good fun.

I have my knitting with me - well, not with me, exactly because you can't take knitting on the plane anymore, in case you're really a terrorist. But it's packed in my suitcase. I have a Robin Hobbs novel for the journey - one I've been trying to read for ages. The first volume of the shiptraders - I figure a two and a half hour journey will put a severe dint in it. the trouble with long fantasy books is that they are not read a few pages each night material. Ooops - time's up!

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Gloria said...

Christmas 2005 when I flew to Mildura. I had packed my lap top in my luggage. Thankfully the woman at the desk asked what was in my bag and I said besides my clothes, my laptop. She said "Oh no you can't pack that the plasma screeen will freeze with the cold in the cargo hole."

Thereby saving me a bit of money as well as telling me something I didn't know.