Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh frabjous joy!

I'm spinning again - how lovely! Inspired by the prospect of getting some new bobbins for my wheel, no doubt, I sat down and spun some of the English Leicster fleece I've had for sometime. It's brown and gorgeous and I'm spinning it with some multi-coloured silk roving I've had for a longer time. I'm making sock yarn, I guess - I mean, that's what English Leicster is best for, right? but I'm willing to change if it turns out to ply up into a soft, rather than a hard yarn. I quite like the idea of having socks with silk, though, so I shan't be at all disappointed whatever way.

I'm also compiling my secondary school poetry collection - that's been quite a lot of fun this past week or so. I've been doing poetry workshops in TAFE and schools for so long, that many of my exercise ideas are already written up in my notes, or are at least, at the front of my brain. So it's no hardship to get them down on paper. Retrieving the poems from where they've been written is fun - I've gone through old journals to find some of them.

I must say life without the Phd is good! I'm feeling a lot better, a lot lighter.

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M-H said...

Good to read this positivity. My PhD is beset with technical problems at the moment, out of my control, which is just horrible. and we're going overseas on Thursday so I need to get it sorted. Death to all geeky IT support staff, I say. But not until after my problem is sorted ot.