Saturday, August 11, 2007


Bounced out of bed at 5.00 am - that is correct, a.m. Morning. Still dark, but morning. You know, when you should be drinking coffee languidly and turning the pages of a newspaper or gazing out into green gardens or at the ocean at some very reasonable time - like 9.00 or even 10.00. But, no, my flight was leaving at 7.00 so I leapt from my bed at 5.00 am, showered in a dreamy daze, ate a custard apple and then leapt into my cab. Which, incidentally, was driven by a magician cabbie. I kid you not, he was a working magician! How wonderful. Keeps doves and rabbits and did have trained poodles, but I gather they've shuffled off to the great hunting grounds in the sky. Or should that be the Big Top in the sky?

Got to the airport and the flight has been delayed. Not by one hour. Not by two hours, but by nearly FOUR hours. I could have been languidly sipping coffee etc. etc. People are crashed out on the chairs, kids are running around or dozing, their heads snuggled into laps. I have bought not one but two books and a cd. People are glued to mobiles as they change plans, attempt to make connections, cancel appointments. The queue to the coffee shop is long.

It's shame I have no knitting - that would have made me reasonably happy, but at least I have books and a laptop.

I bought (shock, horror) more wool - but it was Annie Blatt wool and it was on special and the colours are really's sitting in the plastic bag I have to carry on board because my luggage is so tightly packed - Keith's Napoleon book, my Letters of Ursula Nodstrum, Matt Ottley's amazing Requim for a Beast...I had to practically sit on everything to get it all in but the wool just wouldn't fit. Looking forward to getting home - how ever long it takes.

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