Monday, August 06, 2007

All the way from Albany

Here I am in Albany, old whaling station/port in Western Australian. I did a Regional Young Writer's Day today at the Great Southern Grammar school and Lesley Reece and I were supposed to fly (I nearly typed sail!) back to Perth at 4.00pm but our flight has been postponed due to inclement weather - rain whipped down and it was rumoured there would be hail. So we're holed up in Albany until the 8.00pm flight. However, we couldn't be holed up in a nicer place - an old pub with two open fireplaces and a young bartender who is practising making lattes - which are served with chocolate coated coffee beans - bring on the caffienne!

I started a shawl last night - I'm up to row five of a lace pattern - need to record this in case I forget - then I dropped my el cheapo bamboo Spotlight needle and the whole top knob fell off - how bizarre is that? As I had no other needles with me, 'coz I thought I might have to take my little little suitcase on as 'plane luggage and wanted to be prepared to let leave them behind if I had to - I'm kind of stuck at ros 5. I could do something emergency with blue tack if I had to, I admit, but blue tack and mohair mixed might not be a good mix. Ooops, looks as though my battery is almost gone. How great to post this from Albay, though. I am impressed with technology (for once!).

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M-H said...

I think this qualifies as a Crafting Crisis. :)