Sunday, October 21, 2007

How I spent Sunday afternoon!

watched by Honey. I wasn't being unproductive, however, what you can't see is the laptop on which I was feverishly typing. Back to The Wish Pony. Thank goodness. Haven't finished chapter seven yet, but at least I've done a little more on it.

Yesterday Helen and I went shopping. It was one of those great big shopping trips where you stagger home with lots of things. Helen needed a bikini, which she got with surprisingly little fuss. She wanted a maxi dress - and in the end we found such a perfect one in Just Jeans that was so exactly her, I splurged and bought it for her. Then we had to get shoes to go with it. I also bought shoes. We visited Lush. It was all very decadent and expensive. The Accountant paled when he saw us slump in, burdened with bags.

Belgrave pool has opened early for once - Helen's already been on one of her early morning swims. I've been thinking I might join her this week. If I got up as ridiculously early as she did, I'd easily fit a swim in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then after next week when my Box Hill filling-in stint is finished, I could go Friday as well.

I'm already wondering about The Wish Pony - I suppose there's a time in every book I really don't think it's working and this one is no exception. Is there enough happening? I wonder to myself. Is the story working? Am I writing the same story over and over again?

I guess as I seem to always go through this, it's just a part of the writing process. There are some plot things that I'm not sure about, but I have to trust to the process.

Meanwhile, the squares are coming along in the quilt wrap - I still haven't quite got enough to do a photo shoot yet, but I will, I will.

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