Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Day Off

I baked two shortcrust pie cases and one chicken terrine. I cooked silverside for the future and a roast tomato, pumpkin and bacon rice dish we ate for dinner that night. I walked the dogs. I cleaned - mopping the kitchen floor, wiping the benches down where no sponge had ventured for a while and cleaned out the fridge where I discovered dubious reminders of the culinary past. I grocery shopped. I did some work on my online courses and caught up with some administration work.

I knitted the first square of the Modern Quilt Wrap in rowan kidsilk haze - that yarn that has been called knitters' crack. Those little goats were tended by virgins on some dewy hills, dotted with buttercups and green green grass. That silk was spun by silkworms who slumbered to the sound of haiku being chanted 24/7 by pure-voiced school children or Seamus Heaney or Peter O'Toole. It is extraordinarily beautiful yarn. The colours are gorgeous. I'm in love. I will try to post a picture - but I think I want to knit more than just one square first. I've already feverishly wondered how many squares I can possibly hope to knit in one day - and what that will do to the time of arrival. A bit what I do when I'm writing (oh, writing, I remember doing that once...) - a chapter a day for three weeks... Of course my calculations are always right off, things happen, life intervenes and the book is probably the better for all those interruptions, all that percolation time. But the Modern Quilt Wrap won't be better off - it should be made pronto presto so I can wear it around before the climate change really sets in.

Quite a productive day off, now I read about it!

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M-H said...

Pictures of the wrap, please! Sounds like a wonderful day to me.