Sunday, November 11, 2007


The vegetable garden flourishes. We've had just enough rain to keep it going and we've already had lots of little bits from it - fresh thyme for various things, parsley, two lettuces and little bits of spinach and silverbeet for stir fries.

From the pots we've had asian greens and some coriander.

Today we bought three zuchinnis and some more herbs. We've replanted the ones that weren't doing so well in pots along the back deck and put them in a new little bit of reclaimed sunny land. They were potbound, so it was a good thing we did - I hope they'll thrive where we've put them. I definitely want a rosemary bush! Roast potatoes and rosemary - yum.

Cooked a delicious soup yesterday - roast vegetable soup with tomatoes, pumpkin, leeks and fennel. I love fennel - it's my vegetable of the year, I think. We ate the soup with grana padana and lovely casinlinga bread. The Perennial Bachelor and the Accountant went to see a mafia movie and then the PB stayed for dinner and had two helpings. The soup was a success. The Accoutant and I had it for lunch today, too.

It was a good weekend all round - lovely walk through the Sherbrooke Forest, meeting about a project with a fellow writer and then today shopping at a nursery. Very relaxing. I am now just over half way through the modern quilt wrap and still love it.

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