Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Sunday of 2007!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! At one stage around here it felt as if we were just party crawling - our annual pre-Christmas lunch at Middle Park with our friend Nick, the annual street party, Christmas day itself and a catch up with our other neighbours who had to leave the street party early. Party party party!

Christmas day was spent with the Accountant's family and everyone enjoyed themselves. I got some very thoughtful presents - a lovely cookbook, a funy cookbook and a cd from the Perennial Bachelor, a beautiful salad bowl, earrings from both the Accountant and the Girlchild, gift cards which will be spent with enormous pleasure and a carved agate dragon pendant from my mother as well as a book and beautiful little tea cups with Chinese tea from the The Accountant's girls.

Every year I do rather think we should buy everyone goats, sheep and chooks but I do love the drama of present-buying, giving and opening - it's lovely to choose exactly the right thing for someone and see them respond to it the way you had imagined they would.

Today's the last Sunday of 2007 and my thoughts are on the year ahead - already making resolutions - the usual ones, admittedly, but I remake them every year with the same enthusiasm. Either I don't learn or I'm an irrepressible optimist at heart. I rather think the latter.

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