Saturday, December 15, 2007


So far we've: shopped at Paddington Market, swum at Coogee, met the crowd at Random, recorded some of Mother' smemories of Lloyds and played lots of Scrabble. I've finished the Modern Quilt Wrap - which I absolutely love. Also visited Willoughby Library - enviable, even though they've moved some of their books into storage because they are moving soon. From visit to visit I forget just how beautiful Sydney is - the glorious harbour and beaches so close to the city. But the traffic is extreme and it's extraordinary just how many people smoke. Helen has taken to coughing loudly when she passes a smoker in the street. I joined her for a while but I started to get a sore throat from coughing.

It's great to be finished with The Wish Pony - I've been thinking about new projects with new enthusiasm. Not that I didn't love writing The Wish Pony, because I did, but I love starting new things. Off to buy my new project notebook now in fact.


carmsmars said...

hope all goes well with the 'wish pony.' !!!!

I have to ask you to...what was the name and author of the book you read in our TAFE junior fic class about a koori boy who felt fearless when he had his pet frog? and it ended up being eaten by a snake under the house. I've looked everywhere...thinking I wrote the title down but i cannot find it. you don't happen to remember it do you? I enjoyed its first person approach and thought it would be good to read over.
best regards

carmsmars said...

Catherine you have to go to this site. Its a fantastic critique workshop website as well as other things for all writers. Published writers through to novice writers.
Recommend it to your serious writing students. I'm stoked that i found it. The critiquing standard is unbelievable.

best regards

Magdalena said...

Good for people to know.