Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wrong Way, Go Back

I once had this boyfriend who said to me, Catherine, if you think you're going the right direction, turn around and go the opposite way because then you'll be on target.

So I'm in Trentham, right? I've been walking through the Wombat State Forest for over fifteen years. I put the dogs on their leashes (they lurve Trentham!) and we head off. I find a path I've never found before, but I'm confident. You can't go wrong. You turn left and then right, basically, and you're back in Trentham. I enjoy the wildflowers - there are quite a few, even though it's pretty dry. The dogs - well, Polly, the hunter, pricks up her ears - spies a wallaby. Finally the path double backs a bit and then we're on a road. I turn right - well, we've already turned left on the double-backing bit, haven't we?

The dogs and I head down the road, our tails wagging. We see another wallaby. Then I spy a woman walker. We cross. 'Hi!' she says cheerfully. 'Hello,' I reply, 'is this the road to Trentham?' because by now we've walked a fair way and I would have expected to see Trentham at this stage.

She laughed at me.

'Keep going that way and you'll reach East Trentham - or Blackwood. Turn around and go back the way you've come and you'll be back in Trentham. Good thing you ran into me - it's another 6 k to East Trentham!'

I got home after walking for an hour and forty minutes. The dogs immediately stretched out on the kitchen lino - but dear Honey hauled herself to her feet every time I switched rooms.

How funny - East Trentham! Should have thought of the ex-boyfriend's advice!

Heard from Alasdair today - so good to hear his voice - he's having such a great time. Sounds very confident and happy. And he's found a wool store! What more could you ask for? You go, boy!


Poider said...

Well CattyRox if you had kept going past Trentham East you would have got to my place in Bullarto. That old boyfriend could have been wrong after all.

Cattyrox said...

Oh Bullarto is pretty. But I doubt that Honey could have lasted the distance!

Gloria said...

It's like on the highway, when you see the sign "Go back you are going the wrong way." By then it is too late. You have already gone too far the wrong way.