Sunday, April 06, 2008

What I did on my holidays...

We went away to the town of my ex husband and past life. I wrote two chapters of my new book, knitting my sideways vest thing, had spas and walked Black Hill. A variety of children accompanied the girlchild and me at various times. The boyman, who was staying with his dad, dropped over for dinner one night.

Going back is always accompanied by a certain amount of mulling over the past. Walking on Black Hill reminds me of my relationship with the boyfriend my editor nicknamed Attila the Hiker. He actually went down on his hands and knees once to point out two drops of water I'd spilt on his floor when I washed up for him. Can you believe that? A fortysomething man on his hands and knees looking for drops of water so he could self-righteously accuse me of messing up his lino!

Did I walk out the door and never look back? No. I probably cried. I'm a little more resilient these days.

Today I'm cleaning up my various workspace getting ready for the next term. I feel about four weeks away from finishing the new book, which would be great as I have other projects lining up to take it's place. But it's also a busy time ahead - with a trip to Sydney this week, the Australian Poetry Centre's Regional Festival in Castlemaine on the Anzac Day weekend and a gig at Kew Library in between.

I'm not sure why I'm in cleaning mode - must be the new moon in Aries. The innocent me thinking I can get things in order. Ha!

Tonight we have our traditional Sunday night barbeque - the Bachelorboy usually comes and tonight, the manboy's girlfriend is also a guest. I want to make spectacular salads, but I'm not sure what to do yet.

I've borrowed the wonderful Saha from the library - I want a copy of my own! So we're definitely making lamb and haloumi skewers for the barbeque. Haloumi is my latest thing.

Must take soem photos later - we have a large zucchini - it was so big everyone overlooked it - weighs in at 1.5 kg. The Accountant took it across the road to weigh on our neighbour's scales. How sweet is that?


M-H said...

Stuff it! No, no, the zucchini - stuff it. It will be delicious. Rice, cheese, tomatoes, basil, oregano, egg to bind.

Cattyrox said...

Hi m-h - yeah - great idea, I'll do that for the vegie dish of the barbeque! Thanks - I'd more or less forgotten stuffing them, though I once lived on stuffed pumpkins for a week!