Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I'm Doing After the Holidays...

feeling tired,
reading Isabel Allende's second memoir, The Sum of Our Days, - highly recommended,
reading Armstead Maupin's Michael Tolliver Lives - if you like Maupin, you'll like it,
learning how to crochet - a beret-type thing in the latest Interweave crochet mag, wanting to learn something else - something different that takes me away from everything else I normally do,
thinking about domestic things - how we used to have table napkins and silver napkin rings when I stayed with Grandad and Ann and how there were rituals and ceremonies around morning and afternoon tea, breakfast with the juice in the small green glasses and wondering whether anyone has time to live like that these days or was it just headspace
marking papers
wondering why there is nothing worth watching on t.v.
thinking that if I could watch t.v. more regularly I'd be a calmer person (why?)
reading food blogs to get inspired about cooking
trying to plan my (cough cough) career
eating chapche every time I come to Box Hill (Korean potato noodles)
wondering if a short Korean cooking course is the thing that will make me alive and enthusiastic about life and cooking - not that I'm unenthusiastic about either, you understand but that it might just provide the extra chocolate sauce (to completely mix up a metaphor and confuse you with extra food references...)
or maybe just changing the tablecloth is a big enough challenge for this week
planning to finish Magenta very soon . . . . . . so many things, no wonder I feel slightly tired and overwhelmed. Crochet's good, though. Shhh, don't tell the other knitters!

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