Friday, April 25, 2008

The long weekend

I've been in Trentham since Wednesday arvo. Getting on with Magenta McPhee - and I am, thank heavens! Plus, I'm up here for the Australian Centre for Poetry's National Poetry Festival which is happening in Castlemaine this weekend. I'm chairing a session tomorrow. In the meantime, I dropped in on the girlchild who had a week's work experience at the Castelmaine Regional Art Gallery (regional art galleries are wonderful! I remember going for an education officer's job at the Sale Regional Art Gallery - I didn't get the job, too long out of the art world, but I still love Sale Gallery.) She had a terrific week, helping restore paintings, catolguing work and even arranging a display in the Museum.

I bought Jo Sharp kid mohair in Castlemaine. I'd looked at the colour before (Colour 621 - there's probably a more descriptive name for it somewhere!) and loved it and now have decided it would be great to make the Shetland Shawl from. I'd like a go at this shawl which appears to be very beautiful in all sorts of yarn.

I've finished the back of the sideways vest I'm making - it's hugely long, but I've decided on an asymmetrical look and I'm doing the front shorter. Which will fit in with the pattern I have in mind for the front, so that's okay. I'd take a photo but I don't have the right flash cards up here, though I could ask The Accountant to bring one tomorrow. He's coming up to get rid of all the autumn leaves which are blocking the gutters here.

Best go and walk the dogs - the girlchild and I bathed them before. The water turned murky. They were both so filthy. Trentham is the only place Honey ever gets properly bathed as she's too big for anywhere at Belgrave. In summer The Accountant throws a bucket of water over her. The bath was prompted, too, by the fact that our new exchange student (we've become The House of Exchange Students - don't ask!) has a mother who makes dog shampoo - they show dogs back in Austria. He asked (perhaps not as pointedly as I imagine as I wasn't there) what shampoo we used on the dogs. The Accountant looked confused (he's the thrower of the bucket of water, after all) and said none. After that I thought I'd better bath both dogs - well, you would, wouldn't you! I've seen a video of Mak's long-haired, silky American cocker spaniels...


Gregory Brett Hardy said...

G'day Catherine.

Dogs and baths. I'd give Merlot one but I swear he's afraid of water. I believe he is the first dog I have owned that is afraid of running water, at least. Even water from a tap scares him. So I don't know, really, how he'd go with a bath. Perhaps I'll just pick up all 25k of him and throw him in the bath!

At least it would afford the cat some amusement.

Cattyrox said...

Hey Greg - good to hear from you again. How are things? You're quite right about the cat's amusement - they get great amusement from all doggy humiliation! Hope lifeis chuffing along well for you.

Gregory Brett Hardy said...

:D Things are going well. Writing a full length movie script at the moment while I have a month off work. How about you? Much writing lately?