Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bird feeder success!

Wow! Parrots are soooo intelligent! We put a bird feeder up last weekend. So I've put food in it two days in a row but haven't actually been here to look at what's been at the feeder. Some of the seed disappeared and I thought that was a good sign although I was also wary that big bully cockatoos were stealing it. This morning I've sat here and watched - and yes, there have been bbc's BUT there have also been rosellas. I've now mounted an anti-cockatoo campaign and I'm busy trying to show the rosellas that I'm the source of all seedy goodness. How thrilling that rosellas are actually using it! I couldn't be more delighted!


Gregory Brett Hardy said...

You could always send the BBC's to Morwell, we could do with some. They kill magpies.

Carmel said...

I love Rosella's. At my parents house we see them occasionally. They feel refreshing...that's how I look upon them. Never thought of a bird feeder. I might mention it to my parents