Sunday, August 02, 2009

Preparing for the week ahead

Okay - I've got a writing week ahead of me, trying to finish a project I've been working on. Needs tweaking and finishing. I've decided that some of the week I'll write out and about. It can be a great idea to work in a different space and sometimes you find what you need in unexpected places. Monday, I'll be working at home. Tuesday I'll work some of the time at a cafe - and I'll do some of the tweaking there - tweaking is good to do out. Thursday I'll go the NGV and then on to a knitting stitch and bitch and Morris and Sons, in the city. Friday I'll, hopefully, wrap everything up.

Off to buy veggies now. Then to start preparing for the barbeque. Trying to add decent vegetarian options to the weekly barbeque. Ha!

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