Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Eight poems memorised

Wild Swans of Coole - W B Yeats
Lake Isle of Innisfree - W B Yeats
To Helen - Edgar Allen Poe
Musee des Beaux Artes - W H Auden
The Nomad Flute - W S Merwin
Good Night - W S Merwin
Poem for a Hard Time - Lorna Crozier
The Cinnamon Peeler's Wife - Michael Ondatje.

It gets easier and easier to memorise the poems. Eight poems takes me half way around Birdsland.

I found the fourth stanza of 'The Cinnamon Peeler's Wife'the most difficult and I think that's because it's the prosiest stanza. I also consistently mis-remembered one word in a line from it - and I'm not sure that my word isn't actually better than the original.

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Anonymous said...

well done...I can't even remember where I put the car keys.