Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, I spent the weekend submerged in Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy - thank you Greg, thank you Vi, thank you iPhone - and whoever had it as a freebie download so I could read it comfortably on various forms of public transport. Which made me think about my own languished fantasy novel and that led me to wonder whether I hadn't chucked out babies I was very fond of with all that bathwater. So, I'm back thinking about writing my fantasy novel.

Why do I want to write fantasy? I want to be transported faraway by the writing. I want to discover new worlds. What worries me is my own ability to create the overarching story - I've got the individual stories and I like them. but the overarching story is something else. I'm grappling with it. On index cards so far, which seemed the right way to tackle this. Using bits of the snowflake method. (Thank you Earl) Only bits, I'm a magpie when it comes to taking writing methods - just like I won't stick to the index cards - no way! I've got this enormous blank book my mother gave me (with some trepidation) last christmas. She said she felt bad giving me something so huge and hoped it wouldn't be intimidating. I've used it for bits of others things - but now I'll let the fantasy novel take it over. (Thank you Mother!)

I'm going to set aside a day a week for the fantasy novel - this is a method that works with the Yarn Harlot who spins on Tuesdays. I'll use this day for research and writing. I don't want to rush this. Which is partly what happened last time.

The other reunion of the weekend was a reunion of the women's writing group that began - waaayyy back - I'd say I was still living at Viewbank at the time it was formed. It was amazing to see everyone again. I really enjoyed it, though I felt a little daunted before I actually got there.

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