Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I did today...

taught online
put washing on the real washing line, not just the clothes rack inside - sunshine!
listened to Lloyd Jones being interviewed by Ramona Koval on The Book Show, Radio National.
walked the dogs and sat in the sun for a while with them
went to the library and borrowed lots of books, including two audio books which I intend to put on my iPhone - providing it all works. I do have detailed instructions somewhere - I hope I haven't lost them.
Read Kirsty Murray's sad and lovely piece about ceramics, history and parallel importation - the link to which is the real reason I'm blogging here
began writing chapter seven of Mimi and the Blue Slave - I'm not game to post my word lengths up on facebook - but I did make a start.
PS. I love those little handled ramekins and used to buy them at op shops whenever I saw them.

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Kirsty Murray said...

So glad you loved the ramekins too. Dad always said he thought it was important that everyone should be able to have beautiful things in their life. I loved that his work was so egalitarian and accessible - before the crunch.