Monday, October 12, 2009

A new week, a new writing regimen

Actually I started this last week - and it's working. Thank heavens! How much do I love writing every day! So it looks as though I'll meet my next deadline, which is a good thing.

It was such a glorious weekend - and Belgrave pool has opened. I went in today and paid up for a family membership. We've done that every year we've been here except last year when it shot past and by the time I realised it had, it was too late to join and get any value from it.

I'm looking forward to some afternoons at the pool with a good book, sitting in the shade of one of the big trees they have there. That is if the stupid government doesn't order them to be cut down under the new fire regulations. Kallista primary school has already been denuded.

Apart from the kneejerk reaction to trees in this area, I do love living here. I went up to Belgrave Book Barn on Saturday and bought Christine Manfield's beautiful cookbook there for less than half the retail price. It was in it's slipcase, too. Bargain!

Why do I buy so many cookbooks? I think I have this insane belief that just owning them makes me a better cook. That the recipes and techniques will leach into me while I'm asleep and I'll wake up with super culinary powers. The reality is that I read them with wonder and awe and go back to making the meals I can easily make that most of the people here at any one time will eat with some enjoyment. Which is enough for now.

When I reach this deadline, I might declare a holiday and just read for a while. Here's a woman who is doing just that. What an amazing way to spend a year.

To read about Australian books and the potential plight we could be in if the Productivity Commission gets their way check out this link.

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