Monday, October 26, 2009


I love it! Last week my research took me on to the internet, looking up milk glass christmas decorations from the 1950s. Who knew that Japan had a brief resurgence in making these in the early 1950s and quite beautiful they are, too. Very cunning. Some of them were painted light bulbs and some of these, if you buy them, will still work.

Then I skimmed through a couple of books on collecting twentieth century ceramics, discovering along the way that I love Villeroy & Boch's 1970s Acapulco tableware design.

Then the girly and I went to Camberwell market - as a way of rounding off the week's research. It was very successful - both research-wise and bargain-wise - one black leather coat, one summer tank top and a very pretty embroidered tablecloth. The girly tried on lots of shoes and wants to do another (cough) research trip as soon as possible, this time leaving as early as possible in the morning (the market opens at 7.30 am! But I have put my foot down. It's Sunday - that is not a 6.00 am rising day unless you're catching a plane somewhere very exciting!

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