Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge Awards Event

Took time out today from whatever it was I should have been doing (writing, writing, writing, teaching, teaching, teaching) & attended this event in my role as one of the ambassadors. I'm so pleased I did. The beamy faces of the students as they walked up to be presented with their certificates were fabulous! Afterwards they queued up to get posters signed and I asked what thier favourite books had been. Two lovely girls told me how much they'd enjoyed The Wish Pony and Magenta - that made me feel so special! But the big winner with the girls was Twilight. On the plus side I found another Jacob supporter - thank heavens! I was really sick of Edward half way through the second book. One girl delighted me by revealing that she'd loved The Hunger Games - which I've just bought to read over the holidays.

It was well mced and well-organised. I love the fact that it's held at the National Gallery - such a good setting. This year the ambassadors got the biggest present to take home! It was huge, but mysteriously light. (Turned out to be a picnic blanket, thermos and some thoughtfully yummy picnic goodies. Beautiful!)I felt appreciated, I'd have to say. And that's not a bad thing at all!

On the knitting front - I'm battling my way through a special baby kimono - but it does look so tiny I'm not certain that it won't end up in storage until I can try it on a real, wriggling little baby. The Beth jacket is also languishing.

I did have a score though. I went to the Ferny Creek book show on Saturday and there was a guy selling knitting books. I bought two and he said, rather diffidently, that his wife had all these Rowan magazines but he hadn't brought them in for space reasons. Rowan magazines! I'm sure I screeched cockatoo-like. Well, yes, and if I was interested maybe I should consider coming back tomorrow because the wife would be furious that he'd left them at home - particularly if there was a buyer....I was at the book show at opening time on Sunday and bought three. I would have bought more, I'm sure, but The Accountant wandered past and murmured, be discerning. I'm kicking myself now, of course. I should simply have put my fingers in my ears. But he was probably right. It's better to have three magazines you might knit from than six you just look at. Isn't it?

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