Saturday, February 27, 2010


My mother is growing the most amazing vegetables in a weird, standing up kind of garden bed made from corrugated iron. It looks like an elongated water tank that's been cut in half. She's had lettuces, tomatoes - beautiful little Romas, zucchini and silverbeet. It's amazing and I am so envious. Our small patch in the one small patch of consistent sun we have, doesn't do half as well!

I'm trying to do things with her garden - but she resists. Ha! Little does she know Resistance is Futile! She will be assimilated!

Up here because I took the mothership to the optometrist at Daylesford - she doesn't drive and it's a bit of a hike by bus. I browsed in all the soapy shops in Daylesford and made some great finds and thought about my life. Also we had lunch at the Harvest. Despite the variety of new cafes in Daylesford I go back to the Harvest like a homing pigeon. Their spicy dahl is delicious! (I always have it - it's so different to the one I make.) Dropped into Purls Palaces - they are having some kind of crafting day with the other quilting shop in town and I feel I must enrol...

The dogs have had a lovely visit. Polly's been washed and they've spent a lot of time lounging out underneath the apple trees. I've eyed off my mother's garden, planned things for her and knitted my Ravelry spoilee her fingerless bamboo mitts. I also revised Mimi and the Blue Slave. I like the new book. It's quiet but I love the setting and I love Mimi's struggles with her mother and her relationship with the blue slave.

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