Sunday, April 25, 2010

Was feeling bleh

about writing. But now I'm back on writing track - exciting project very close to completion! This is a collaborative project with Matt Ottley, who is composing music and it will be performed later this year by Redfoot Youth Theatre in the West. The music is fabulous - as anyone would expect from Matt. I'm pleased with what I'm doing, too.

Also have the final edit on Mimi and the Blue Slave to complete. It's due back next Thursday, so I'm setting aside tomorrow to run through it. I love the final edit stage - enough time has passed so that you come to the work fresh and read it as though it isn't your own.

Have just done the final edit on 'Hanging Out', an Aussie Mate, Scholastic, with wonderful illustrations by Adam Carruthers.

Landed home from Trentham to discover a contract for another piece of work I've done, as well.

So, a lot of hard work is coming to fruition this year!

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