Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fabulous arvo at the Word Tree

Honestly, whenever I think of giving this extra gig up, we have a great afternoon and I realise how much it enriches my life. Last Saturday we heard Andy Jackson previewing his collection of poetry, Among the Regulars, which will be launched this coming Friday. Also featured unexpectedly was South Australian poet, Aidan Coleman. The open section included Sue Standford reading a Demeter poem which I found very moving, Trish Sykes reading from Abbotsford Convent series and Lyndon Walker reading my favourite Ezra Pound poem. Good way to spend a wintery afternoon!

Andy's book launch is on Friday, June 11th @ 5.30pm for a 6pm start – Brunswick Bound Bookstore, 361 Sydney Rd Brunswick.

I think we should be recording these readings - I need an official photographer. Where's the photographer girly when I need her? Oh, that's right - studying for VCE!

I've retreated to Trentham to do some much-needed work on the Rapunzel sequence. Matt Ottley joins me later in the week, so by the middle of next week I hope to have this project well under control.

At home, the young dude studies (cough cough) for his exams, the girly really studies, the other wild child has just turned 15 (yikes) and the Accountant empties out the contents of the freezer to a never-ending passing parade of teenagers. (Not to mention the Gym Bunny)

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