Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leonard Cohen

Booked six tickets for the Leonard Cohen concert this morning - celebrating the girlie's 18th birthday - it will be on two days before she turns 18! I'm excited.

Last time I saw Cohen would have been in 1986 0r 1987. He was in concert at the Arts Centre - not a huge venue, so it was a treat to see him there. The Rod Laver will be a completely different experience - but hey, that's okay. He's 74. Only a little younger than my mother - who is coming along, too.

The Accountant has opted to stay at home. Despite Cohen's age, I think The Accountant feels concerts belong to a different era of his life. Silly man! I suppose he will have a brotherly bonding dvd night with the Gym Bunny (younger brother) eating pizzas and discussing why the Gym Bunny hasn't got a proper job yet (The Accountant) and what weights he's currently lifting (the Gym Bunny). Depending on the amount of beer consumed, they may end the night with an arm wrestle. It has been known to happen.

I'd say Cohen more than any other songwriter has influenced me poetically - that wry edginess which undercuts the intensity of his images is something I admire. Of course, he is an established poet and novelist. There was a discussion on Inside a Dog, the blog for the Australian Centre for Youth Literature about song lyrics being poetry - a notion I vehemently disagree with most of the time.(Why study the lyrics of Paul Kelly as poetry? Why not actually study one of Australia's many fine contemporary poets? Oh, I forgot, we're educating by spoon feeding. Of course.) Much of Cohen's work is my exception.

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