Monday, October 17, 2011

'Love Song Played Backwards' by Ian McBryde

The most powerful presence/is absence 
                                   Dorothy Porter

She will be waist-deep in
wheat, walking away through those
long waves the wind makes.

Slow night comes down, careful
and stealthy, leaching the field
of colour. By the time she's gone

the field will be a vast black
backdrop, silent and motionless
and blank as Saskatchewan.

Ian McBryde, The Adoption Order, 5 Islands Press, 2009.

Ian McBryde is a Canadian born poet living in Melbourne. The Adoption Order is his sixth collection of poetry and was short-listed for the Victorian Premier's, C.J. Dennis Poetry Award, 2010. Ian McBryde will be performing at The Word Tree on 5th November. This is a great opportunity to hear one of Melbourne's most darkly electrifying poets live. Thank you to Ian for permission to publish one of his fine poems here.

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1 comment:

Harvey Molloy said...

I find the title intriguing. The poem creates a very strong image and I like the flow of the 's' in the poem. Thanks for this poem which I enjoyed.