Saturday, October 15, 2011

At last - some knitting!

Picturesquely photographed down by the lake at Nungurner. This is now complete (no more pesky little stitch markers!) and is a cosy shoulder-warmer, just right for reading in bed, sitting out on the deck or going out to dinner in Metung. It's my first bit of extensive cabling, which I accomplished without a cable needle and the yarn is from The Three Irish Girls, colourway, 'Parisienne'. The pattern is adapted from Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2011. (Which is called Designer Knitting, when it's outside America, apparently.) The original pattern had a straight cabled rectangular, pulled in at the neck by a shawl pin but I decided that would be a little bulky, so I decreased a couple of times during the cables and then changed the cables to 2 x rib, and then to 1 x rib, effectively creating a rollover polo neck. If I do this in a summer weight - and I might well, because the cable pattern would look good in a cotton, too, I wouldn't bother decreasing down to 1 x rib, but have a wider neck. I'm happy with the snugger feel for a winter-weight, however and it does add warmth.

The very lovely and unexpected element to this shoulder-warmer is that it  perfectly matches  the floral Docs I bought on my last trip to Brisbane!

Blurry night shot of pleasure craft outside the Metung pub window. That bit of orange you can see (no, not the reflection flare on the side, silly - the bit on the horizon that's barely visible) is actually the full moon, rising like a Halloween pumpkin.


Cartillyer said...

What are floral Docs? Floral patterned Doc Martin boots?

Cattyrox said...

They are indeed! Almost my favourite pair of Docs - although they are pipped at the post by my high-heeled Docs...