Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The abc of 2012

The grandmother ship and the poetgirl got me into this! I think they may have done it more specifically, although I do have some specific goals as well as more general aims.

Authenticity. I want 2012 to be the year I am easy in my own skin. I accept that we all create a public persona, and I accept that we do this largely for protective reasons. I'd like to focus on authenticity in both my public and private life even if it leaves me more vulnerable.

Balance - between writing and teaching; work and life; family responsibilities and social activities; activity and solitude.

Camera - learn to use all the cameras properly, remember to take one with me, record stuff.

Dogs - more quality time with the dogs. I can tend to take them a little for granted.

Exercise as part of life.

Friends - cherish the ones I have and make efforts to catch up with them, make new ones.

Gratitude. Remember it.

Honesty in dealings with others and self.

Intellect - exercise it!

Joyfulness. Don't expect it to simply come to me, but actively look for it.

Knitting. I'd like to both be more adventurous in my knitting, but also more consistent about finishing projects.

Language - improve it, think about it, practise it. Ditto for Love.

Meditation. Do it. Markets - try to support local artists and craftspeople for consumer items, also recycle and buy secondhand.

New activities, social groups. Try them.

Order old things, out with the useless, bring in objects of beauty.

Practise - writing, French, order, etc. etc. Don't panic if it's all not perfect.

Quality. Look for it, examine before accepting, buying, saying and doing.

Reduce - waste and consumerism. I'm always dismayed by the waste in this house. If I go away for a couple of days, perfectly good food is abandoned in the fridge. There must be clever ways to deal with this.

Sewing - more and better.

Teaching. Simplify and enjoy. Recognise and use strengths. reduce the irritation of weaknesses. Look for what started fires, rather than simply stamping them out. Also travel. Do it gently and openly.

Unique surroundings. Enjoy and cultivate them. (Also clean them!)

Vanquish self-doubt.

Welcome life, change and age.


You - recognise that you only have to do your best.

Zany. There will always be those zany, crazy moments when everything falls apart, or zigzags in an unexpected direction. Laugh with them, learn from them.

Beating the heat, we packed up and went to Phillip Island today. Perfect beach day!

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