Sunday, January 08, 2012

Amalgamating blogs

I've always kept a separate blog for students but after attending Nancy White's inspirational workshop on online teaching, I've decided to amalgamate my blogs and use this one as much for teaching as for recording my personal writing life. It was during the Nancy White workshop that I realised how much I try to compartmentalise my teaching life away from my own writerly life. I don't think this would be particularly obvious to an outsider, but it's certainly an attitude I've had and I don't think it's a particularly useful one,  so it seemed an appropriate time to enlarge the scope of this blog.

I have many aims for this year - see previous posting! But one of my main aims is to achieve balance between my various activities. I'm intending on beginning each day with a writing activity. I'll post the trigger activity here and you can join me on this journey.

Today's writing trigger:
Reading Mary Oliver's poem, 'The Snowshoe Hare', on The Writer's Almanac this morning made me think about predators. Write a piece about predators.

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