Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yesterday's writing trigger failed to materialise so here are two for today.

1. Kate Bush has produced an album 50 Words for Snow (which was my favourite 2012 Christmas cd). It's summer in Melbourne. Write a piece '50 Words for Heat' (or whatever number you like - but aim high and be inventive.)

 2. In a book I read years ago about music and sound - the title of which I've forgotten - the author suggests a listening exercise. You close your eyes and listen to and note all the close sounds and then you listen for further away sounds and even further away sounds. Spend ten minutes or so doing this exercise and then write a piece noting all the sounds.

From where I sit, now, those sounds would include wren cheeps, rosella calls right outside my window, magpies further afield and the sound of my son's motorbike revving and then it's sudden absence as he rides off. Makes me realise how full of birdsong my life is.

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