Tuesday, February 21, 2012


How much do I love felting? It's so ancient. You can't make mistakes, exactly. You can end up with something that is under-felted (in which case you simply re-felt) or, the worst case scenario, over-felted (in which case you can make Christmas decorations, shawl pins, or up-cycle to a different piece of fabric or clothing). Oh, you might also develop a too cobwebby effect, in which case I suppose you could a)re-felt or b) machine embroider or c) use as a lovely curtain from which to bird or neighbour watch.

Just before  Christmas  I suddenly thought felting would be an excellent way to both provide me with some hand-made Christmas presents and reduce my fibre stash which was becoming a little embarrassing, particularly as my spinning wheel had been idle for so long.

I was so enthused by the process I requested a workshop with Soomee Kim as a Christmas present and the Mothership, enthused by the prospect of me appearing from behind a desk, coughed up the necessary (as they'd say in Jeeves). I then talked a friend into doing the workshop with me - and into practising beforehand (because we're both like that).

Here's my most recent piece of felt:
The fibre is 18 micron merino, Fibreworks, Rosella colourway, with silk felted in. Here's a closer picture of the silk:


AJ Ponder said...

Felting is such lovely fun - and your piece is gorgeous - and best of all it'll be really snugly warm for winter.

Cattyrox said...

Thank you! I'm really enjoying felting and this particular yarn is gorgeously soft! Looking forward to finding fibre arts when I visit New Zealand in March! Can't wait.