Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Poem

Kangaroo fern, fantails
Tui birds in the canopy -
almost home!

Writing this from PhaihiaThe bay of Islands! Love New Zealand. Wish I had more time here but we've only managed to scrounge ten days, this trip. Next trip - South Island. The craft scene here is amazing and I think I'd move at the drop of a beautifully felted hat!

Big hello to all the New Zealand Tuesday Poets - wish I could be in Auckland on Wednesday to hear Jill Jones. A brilliant line-up of poets! If you want to read a more substantial offering of tuesday poems - and you know you do, step over to the Tuesday Poem blog.


Michelle Elvy said...

Glad you loved your time in the BOI -- where I live. We may have just missed each other today -- I just sailed past Paihia late afternoon... Enjoy.

AJ Ponder said...

So cute :)

Very simple and yet I can hear the bush as it was when I was younger.