Monday, April 22, 2013

A Small Night Poem - Tuesday Poem

Small Night Poem

The fish hang silver in the water
like small wishes. The filters
make small bubbles soothing dreams.
Catfish sucker up the glass.
When I first moved here, our bedroom
housed two large aquariums
and all night the fish would flicker
through their safe water
mysterious and simple
while we plotted our life –
which we thought was
mysterious but never
simple even though
there were days 
that simply unfolded
like wishes 
that had come completely 

Catherine Bateson, 2013.
I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. There's so much to do and it's only weeks before I head overseas and I'll be there for soooo long, it feels like, and I haven't been away from home for that long before and it's all too much! Last night I had such fearful dreams, I woke this morning jangled and alarmed. This poem is a kind of antidote for all that jangling. 

When you've been soothed - and I hope you are soothed by this small night poem - do take a look at the Tuesday Poem blog - click here - it's our birthday collaboration poem, improvised over a number of weeks. Great fun to watch it unfold slowly - and a little intimidating to add a stanza!

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Michelle Elvy said...

What a rich little poem, so full of images that flicker with light and, yes, soothe. Nice one, this. I like the way it comes to such an unexpectedly optimistic ending.