Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Pebble Beach - Tuesday Poem

On Pebble Beach

Every few waves and the undertow rumbles
the boulders over each other and then the next
bowls them back to the beach –
percussive, rounded shoulders
some head-sized, some heart
tumbled over
wearing each other down.

The undertow of our words
rolling so easily
shushing and plosive.

Listen, you said,
(and I listened to the brief beach music)
after an hour of that
a body would be bruised beyond

(Sometimes I hear my voice and wonder
if it is really me speaking.)

Catherine Bateson, 2013

Oh dear, not the best photo, I'm afraid. You get to this beach via the longest boardwalk I have ever been on. On the other side of the ridge, four surfers caught waves, neatly avoiding the rocks, even when they came back into shore. They must surf there often to know the safe ways in. 

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If you want a poetry writing exercise, think about a place you've visited and - working from something about that place - use it to explore some element of a relationship. 
Can you see the top of it? And there's the Cape Shank lighthouse just to the left.


Helen McKinlay said...

I am a fan of boulders mixed with waves myself and love the way you have tied in the conversation with that of the boulders. 'heart tumbled'
gorgeous phrase. The photos are great by the way :-)

Cattyrox said...

Thanks, Helen, it was a quite lovely place!