Friday, November 22, 2013

Home Again, Settling In, Making Things...

From Milan and cobblestones to Belgrave - a world of green, birdsong and breakfasts on the back deck. We went swimming today at the local Belgrave pool, had a lane each and were two of the only three people in the pool. A far cry from swimming in Paris!
I returned home with good work intentions and was immediately caught up in the Hospitality Queen's 21st birthday preparations. It was a good night.
But all that - and catching up with family stuff, not to mention unpacking and dealing with the subsequent little piles of mess piling up everywhere has stopped me from starting my Colinette throw. I bought this at the Colinette Mill shop in Llanfair Caereinion. Walking through the shop was like walking through a kaliedoscope. I love Colinette yarns for their colours and seeing a whole shop full of skeins was amazing. It wasn't difficult choosing the colourway for the throw - The Accountant (who shut his eyes to the price of the adventure!) and I quickly decided on Charade, which meant that I could drift around yearningly for the rest of my allotted time there. 

I finished balling up the skeins last night so I'm prepared to start the throw at the very least. And, it's knitting night tonight.
I have come home inspired to make more things, whether those things are books, poems, knitted throws, clothes or prints. I've seen wonderful art while I was away and also some fabulous craftwork. I'm committed to making most of my clothes for the next year, sewing and knitting fearlessly and learning some new skills. 

I'm also committed to getting back to the Tuesday Poem - and introducing readers to some new poets, extending my own reading and creating a poetry circle. Busy times ahead! (With a few piratical parties thrown in...)

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