Saturday, November 23, 2013

Market Day!

So, in an effort to return to frugal living and keep cooking creatively, we took the Mothership to Dandenong Market today. Last week I managed to buy a box of peaches for $5.00 - they didn't look the best, but they stewed up beautifully. This week I wasn't so ambitious as there are still stewed peaches in the fridge. Hopefully in a few weeks time our gardening efforts will be rewarded. The Mothership and Motorbike Boy had managed to ignore the gardening completely while I was away.

The Accountant and I weeded and planted lots of veggies. In the meantime the artichokes are looking good, the rhubarb has flourished and the herbs have flowered. I love sage flowers and would have it in the garden just for the flowers. Against all odds (it's covered by a prolific vine we haven't been able to identify), the tarragon survived. It's also still growing at home - perhaps possums don't like aniseed?

After Dandenong Market, we went down the hill to Upwey where a local twilight market was being held. It was much larger than I'd imagined and people were selling everything from cigar-box guitars to zatar. I thought about upgrading from the uke to a cigar-box geetar but decided the uke was more my style. Instead I bought Japanese bbq sauce, soap and a small round pottery dish in which to keep the spheres of soap.

And this was the result of last night's Neighbourly Knitting Night - the beginning of the Colinette throw. Here it is, artfully flung on top of the sheep bag I bought in the U.K.

Foraging through the veggies for tonight's meal I found this - a reminder to keep your eyes open and enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Be My Valentine

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