Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear You - Sundays

I remember when Sundays had a certain melancholy attached to them. Before I was old enough to appreciate nights by myself, it was the night a long-ago boyfriend worked. It also heralds the end of the weekend, of course, and one prepares, as best one can, for the onslaught of the working week. As I work largely from home, this hasn't been particularly relevant for many years. The Accountant has retired and Mademoiselle Rouge works in hospitality, so Sunday isn't weighted with any significance (except that Miss Rouge may be welcoming her weekend!)

Despite this, I still feel as though there needs to be something to look forward to on Sunday evening. For a long time we had the fam bbq. But with most of the fam moved out, that's no longer so relevant, either - although we do announce one every so often and they are always fun in a stressful kind of way.

Today I worked at making my room more ordered and more habitable, but before I did that I marinated a chicken - in orange juice, chermoula, honey and mustard to roast this evening. I knew we'd be gardening up at the Mothership's so I wanted something easy I could fling in the oven and forget about. I also cooked sticky ginger parkin - my go-to cake which is darkly delicious and not quite cake-like.

So I felt I could take an hour and shop for suitable chaos-ordering objects like lever files, a box file ( who knew they still made them!) and the like. I'm going to work over the next week at filling these with appropriate printed material. But the best thing I purchased? A roll pencil-case, for storing knitting needles when I travel. Seriously good!

Little compartments for needles. And my Knit Kit fits in the larger zipper section. I just love the sound of velcro!

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