Friday, August 29, 2014

In the depths of the cold

Well, a cold, rather than 'the' cold. Melbourne has warmed up and yesterday was a balmy 20 - 20 Celsius. The morning was wreathed in fog - I drove in early for a school visit which required an 8.15 start - but when that lifted, the day was heart-warmingly gorgeous. A good thing, too, as I've caught the devil of a cold and am surviving through the judicious use of medication, rest and Hercule Poiret videos. Oh - and spontaneous online purchases such as this - one of the cutest teapot cosies I have seen.

I've attended one offering from the Melbourne Writer's Festival - a seminar on romance writing conducted by Rachael Herron on Romance Writing. I don't write romance, but I have had a bit of writing slump lately. So , I thought I'd go and learn a little more about plotting. (I also wanted to see what knitwear Rachael was wearing.)

What I really didn't expect to do was to walk out of the seminar thinking I should try my hand at romance writing! But that is what happened. (Oh, and it was a very fetching green shawl, by the way.)

So, I'm using Write or Die to write roughly 2000 words a day - not on school visit days, which is wimpy of me, but that might also be because I'm deep in Congestion land and need to sleep at regular intervals.  With the siren call of romance and NaNoWrimo beckoning, I'm romping through the finish of my current novel - and enjoying it. I knew I would. Eventually. It was just getting there.

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