Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Storytime - Tuesday Poem

It's the storytime Christmas party
And the library is knee-deep in children.
Above the babble and the one screamer
a child earnestly demands, 'But why?
Why did the pig fall in the water?'
I admire his narrative persistence.
The answer - the author thought the end correct -
won't do, the pig has a new owner for now
and the pig's fate will be rewritten.
How I envy the young storyteller!
Like a film in reverse, the pig's back on the swing
kicking up his hooves in the sunny park
he's stopped pushing his brothers by the lake
and arguing over the sailboat. All drama is erased
but the pig is happy and the young editor
although not versed in plot
clearly understands contentment.

Catherine Bateson, 2014.

When you've visited here, check out the Tuesday Poem blog and read today's featured poem, 'A room of books', by Rethabile Masilo, a regular Tuesday Poet. Narrative intersects narrative, poems speak to and around each other. Lovely!

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