Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry (sniffle) Christmas (cough)

I suppose it's completely okay to come down with a head cold on Boxing Day? At least it's a day after Christmas, right? It just feels like a cheat when the weather today is quite beautiful and sunny. After a bout of pleurisy laid me low a couple of years ago, I've learnt to treat even the common head cold with respect. No heroics for this camper! And, because head colds tend to also reduce me to a snivelling whinger, I've tried my best recently to move beyond this sad state by doling out my energy and revelling (soggy tissue in hand) in small accomplishments.
  1. Office cleaned
  2. New book downloaded on Kindle for bedtime reading.
  3. Lunch eaten
  4. New fabric washed and hung out on line
  5. Short nap
  6. French verb cards begun
  7. Reading time
Christmas was celebratory, as it should be. I was particularly delighted to give out some unusual presents, including theatre tickets, a Borneo Orangutan Survival membership and other orangutan items, including a square metre of rainforest as well as fulfill some specific requests. Although not all my presents were indie or home-made, books or local (which is always my aim!) enough ticked those boxes for me to feel like a balanced consumer.

It was supposed to be my year of elegant wrapping. Ha! That was an enormous, messy fail! However, I did lino print my own cards and I was delighted with the way they turned out. I'm itching now to get to an art supply shop and buy some more ink and a proper roller. Something to look forward to when I'm feeling better.

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