Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Sunday Wrap-Up

What a week! Two workshops, a wedding and, sadly for The Accountant, a funeral. I didn't attend the funeral as I didn't know Andrew particularly well. I did, however, attend the wedding yesterday - spectacularly beautiful bride in the most gorgeous dress and a very proud groom by her side. I think weddings are gloriously optimistic events. I do love the frocks and froth. They are sentimental, gushy occasions and that sits a little oddly with the fact that many of the parents at this one were on their second relationships. I suppose we approach them with the hope that the young won't make the same mistakes?

I live in a neighbourhood where three of my neighbours married quite young (one very young) and are still in those marriages. I sometimes find it sad to think that The Accountant and I don't have that long history between us. On the other hand, I'm (usually) grateful for what we do have; swimming together in the morning, our mutual Poirot obsession, breakfasts together on the back deck, nights at the cinema or out for dinner, trips away.

I feel that in the middle of the first month of the year I should do a little check on how I'm progressing with the Great Big Health and Happiness Plan.

Triumphs? - Craft and textiles, sewing, knitting - all have gone well. Made linoprint cards for Christmas, have attended two textile workshops and have a sewing workshop booked for February.
Failures - Challenges - I've done some writing, some revising but not as much as I wanted. French is waaayyyy behind. A whole section I spread-sheeted called (optimistically) 'Organisation and Structure' - that has yet to happen!

You know what? In the larger scheme of things, I feel it's travelling nicely. It's not quite as calm and inviting as this:
Claude Monet, 'The Luncheon'. This is, really, how I want my life to look. Beautiful objects on a shaded table, flowers and a sense of abundance. There's a bag on the seat and I bet it contains knitting or needlework or a book.
but at least it's not like this:
Degas, 'The Absinthe Drinker'.
Even her hat is dejected and check out that shoulder slump.

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