Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hundertwasser felting

Yesterday I attended a felting workshop at the Victorian Spinners and Weavers' Guild on Hundertwasser-inspired felting. I had already picked out Hundertwasser's work for a different felting workshop a couple of years ago, the title of this had led me to choose it for my Christmas present from the generous Mothership. It was great - working with pre-felts, we then chopped them up and rearranged them to create something akin to our original take on Hundertwasser. This was the first time I'd ever used the window framing technique to hone in on a small piece of an art reproduction, so that was useful, too.
 These are photos I took in New Zealand of the Hundertwasser toilets. I insisted on dragging The Accountant there and then spent an enormous amount of time in the women's with my camera!

 What I love about this work is how accessible it is - he uses mosaic tiles, bottles and bright colours. He hated straight lines and endeavoured to have no visible in his work.

 Below is my Hundertwasser-inspired felt. I doubt that you would be able to recognise the original inspiration if you found it, but I'm okay about that. I do love working in smaller bits of felt - I've made larger pieces before but this way of cutting up and then felting pre-felt until it is is felted is new to me. The stitiches you can see are a way of helping inserts of pre-felts to felt together. This piece isn't finished - and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it when it is finished. But I did enjoy making it and I certainly am keen on doing some more!

 Robyn Steel-Strickland was our tutor and she was informative without being bossy and encouraged us all to play boldly. Lots of fun! Now I have to spin furiously to free up my bobbins for Saturday's lapsed spinner's class.

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Michelle Elvy said...

Oh I love this -- must share with my daughter, who has been a Hundertwasser fan ever since she discovered him in primary school. I've had a close connection to Vienna for a long while, and I just love the colours and play in his structures. Beautiful felting, too. What fun! I will see if this inspires my daughter further -- she may find a new hobby, too.