Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Catch Up

'Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you' - Maori proverb

To be a better blogger is on my Great Big List of Health and Happiness for 2015. So far, I haven't done that very well! However, a cold that arrived on Christmas Day laid me so low that I surfaced to drink champagne on New Year's Eve but other than that, I did a few small things each morning and slept most afternoons.

I have, however, been sewing. It's my aim this summer to have a temperature appropriate wardrobe, banishing the ubiquitous Melbourne black wherever possible and eschewing knits for linen and cotton. So far I have palazzo pants! Beautifully cool for summer, most of a linen shirt finished and two pairs of leggings nearly finished. Most of the fabric was purchased at the Cleggs Boxing Day remnant sale. Pants for $18.00? Yes, please!

We're also planning a garage sale - nothing like clearing out in the New Year. La Belle Mademoiselle has christened it the Bohemian Garage Sale - I'm not sure that my old knitting magazines are particularly bohemian, but maybe if I throw in a couple of incense burners? There will be books. Verily there will be books. I've decided to do a cull of cookbooks as well - to make room for some necessary vegetarian we eat more veggies. Of course they're necessary!

Writing wise - the Great Big Revision of the French novel continues. I find that I have useful revisionary thoughts lap-swimming in the morning. These are about to be post it notes in the now printed out nearly-finished novel. Then I'll surge on with the story.

This is the year I want to let go anxiety about writing and simply do it. Well, really every year I aim for that, but this year I feel that surely I am older and wiser and can actually achieve this? Let's hope so. Anxiety is such a paralysing force when you're trying to write - or do anything.

As I write this four wrens are bathing in the bird bath outside the study window. They are sitting right in the shallow bath, fluffing their feathers and splashing happily. That's what I'd like writing to be like this year!

And for you, too, gentle reader - I hope 2015 is a year of joyful immersion in whatever you do.

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