Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not the Tuesday Poem...

The sock lounges in Nelson, and a seal lounges outside Kaikoura. Seeing the seals was an unexpected highlight - we even saw three seal pups playing in some bushes. We're now at Little River, staying in a converted silo. It's been very thoughtfully fitted out - even the light switches are in keeping with the original use of the building. I wouldn't want to live in one fulltime, though - simply not enough space for all the books and other paraphenalia! 

Read Elizabeth Taylor's Palladian. It's only her second novel and I found it a little over-wrought, but very readable. It's a bit of a riff on the Jane Eyre - and interesting if only for that reason. I bought it at a secondhand bookshop that was closing down in Nelson. The building was being demolished and the owners, who had sold their house as well, were putting all their belongings in storage and heading off to South East Asia for six months. 

In knitting news, the sock grows, as does the new Lanesplitter skirt, which I'm making from Rowan Tapestry, a discontinued yarn. I'm very afraid this will end up pilling or felting a little - some of the balls are quite sticky, but I do like the colours so I guess I'll just get one of those little shavers and shave it from time to time. 

It would be great to get back to Australia with a nearly completed new skirt and half of a pair of socks! 

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